Beneteau 40 KARMA

First, the reason why I created this web page is to share with others my in-depth knowledge and respect for the Beneteau 40. For 5 years from 2017 to 2022, I owned a 2009 Beneteau 40 that I named KARMA. I was the second owner and the boat was always well cared for. I kept the boat at Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina.

Beneteau 40 KARMA Anchored at Station Creek near Port Royal Sound, SC

As a Naval Architect, I am probably much more analytical, technical, and picky about finding the ideal boat for my situation. I drive yacht brokers nuts with my questions, and I can always spot B.S when I hear it. I patiently searched and considered many boats. Having chartered Beneteau sailboats from 36′ up to 50′ many times from the Moorings in the Caribbean, I was already very familiar with these yachts and the many features they offer. Every boat is a compromise of many tradeoffs, such as draft vs sailing performance or construction methods vs build cost.

Beneteau 40

For me, the Beneteau 40 (also known as the Oceanis 40), strikes the right balance of affordability, reliability, beautiful lines, performance, exceptional cockpit layout with a twin-helm, and a spacious comfortable interior. I could have bought the Beneteau 46, but I concluded that I really did not need a boat bigger than the 40, and the smaller size would be easier to single-hand and less expensive to own and maintain.

To get her ready for future trips to the Bahamas and Caribbean, I added, upgraded, or replaced a number of items that I felt were important. The major items were: New sails, Bimini with 350W of Solar Panels, Dodger, Life Raft, Jack Lines, New MFD, AIS Trans receiver, VHF Radio, Radar, 200′ of anchor chain, and Dinghy Outboard. I even purchased a 22 GPH Rainman Watermaker that worked well with a portable Honda 2KW generator.

In early 2021, we sailed her to the Florida Keys and Bahamas, all the way down to Georgetown in the Exumas. It was a great trip and we did use the Rainman Watermaker to make about 700 gallons of water.

Hydrovane Self-Steering: In preparation for the 1,600 mile trip to Antigua in late 2021, I added Hydrovane Self-Steering. I was concerned about the heavy power consumption of the autopilot, and the risk of it failing during a long trip.

My reasoning for adding the Hydrovane was that it was like having another crew member that would just steer the boat (very well) under sail without getting tired, complaining or using food, water, or electricity. The other big benefits of a Hydrovane is that helps the boat track better, and it serves as an emergency rudder that can even be controlled by a separate $600 portable tiller-autopilot.

Beneteau 40 KARMA Hydrovane Installation on Transom Off Centerline
Beneteau 40 KARMA Hydrovane Installation on Transom
Testing the Beneteau 40 KARMA Hydrovane on Close Reach

My sincere thanks to Will at Hydrovane and Sam aboard SV Beaver (a Beneteau 40 that sailed from Norway to Australia with a Hydrovane). Both of these guys were very helpful in providing tips for the installation.

Beneteau 40 KARMA Sailing in Bahamas

Kay and Ellie Aboard Beneteau 40 “Karma”
Beneteau 40 KARMA in Bahamas and Caribbean

After sailing thousands of miles throughout the Bahamas and Caribbean aboard KARMA, I made a knee-jerk decision to sell her in the early spring of 2022, which I regret. She sold at full price in a week to a nice Canadian couple on Lake Huron. I tried working as a professional boat captain for a while, but it just would not scratch the itch. Six months later I was searching for a new boat again in the middle of winter.

I almost bought a Beneteau 473 on Long Island, NY, then almost bought a Beneteau 423 in Annapolis. I ended up finding a 2010 Beneteau 40 in great condition in Myrtle Beach, SC just a 4 hour drive from my house. I named her ORIA. She has already taken me on a great trip to the Exumas and back to Hilton Head Island.

Perhaps I’m the only person in the world that has bought a Beneteau 40 twice. It goes to show how much I really appreciate this boat.

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