MAXSURF makes designing vessels more fun while your productivity improves.

MAXSURF Modeler provides fast, flexible, and intuitive modeling of all types of hulls, superstructures, and appendages.  An unlimited
number of trimmed NURB surfaces can be used to model any vessel from yachts to workboats to the largest ships.

The Industrial Strength Naval Architecture Tool
MAXSURF Control Net of Workboat Hull
Maxsurf NURB Control Net Example
Yacht Model Courtesy of Maxsurf Customer Dibley Marine Design

As the core technology of the MAXSURF Software Suite, the Modeler provides Naval Architects with the design tools necessary to create optimized hull forms quickly, accurately, and with minimal training.  Any number of NURB surfaces can be joined, trimmed, and manipulated to create a complete model ready for hydrostatic and performance analysis or construction detailing.

Maxsurf SWATH Model
Maxsurf Model of SWATH Hull

A range of commands provide direct interactive manipulation of the surface shape by mouse or keyboard.  Control points can be dragged with the mouse, adjusted numerically, or manipulated with a range of fairing commands.

Maxsurf Bulbous Bow
Maxsurf Hull Model Bulbous Bow Before Change (Note Control Point Net)
Maxsurf Bulbous Bow After Change
Maxsurf Model Bulbous Bow After Change (Simply by moving control point)

Parametric Transformation – A Powerful Tool

MAXSURF Modeler also provides capabilities to automatically transform hull shapes to match desired dimensions and hydrostatic properties.

Maxsurf Parametric Transformation for Yacht Design
MAXSURF Parametric Hull Transformation of Motor Yacht
Maxsurf Parametric Hull Transformation
Maxsurf Containership Parametric Hull Transformation (Example)
Maxsurf 49K vs 55K Displ Containership Hull Bow View
MAXSURF Transformation of Containership 49K Ton vs 55K Ton Displacement

High Quality Surfacing

MAXSURF is optimized to help Naval Architects create very high-quality hull surfaces that are fair and can be used for all other analysis and CAD/CAM functions.

Fair and accurate surfaces are critical for optimal vessel performance and ease of construction.  Modeler provides a comprehensive range of tools for evaluating curvature of the entire surface, as well as curvature along a particular surface contour, such as a waterline or diagonal.  Curvature displays are automatically and interactively updated as the surface is modified.

To see a Web Demo of this in action on YouTube  click this link for Surface Fairing.

Dynamic Trimming

Surface trimming in MAXSURF is a simple point and click process.   Most important, MAXSURF’s trimming is fully dynamic, allowing you to modify trimmed surfaces and have the trimmed portions automatically update.  The example below illustrates the power of Dynamic Trimming when relocating a Bow Thruster on a Crew Supply Vessel hull – the hull model updates automatically.

To see a quick Web Demo of this in action on YouTube:   click this link for Bow Thruster/Dynamic Trimming

Maxsurf Dynamic Trimming
Maxsurf Hull Model with Control Net Shown
Maxsurf Dynamic Trimming
Maxsurf Half Hull Showing Inside of Hull with Bow Thruster Cylinder
Maxsurf Dynamic Trimming
Maxsurf “Move Surface” Dialog Box after Selecting Bow Thruster Points
Maxsurf Dynamic Trimming
Bow Thruster Shown in New Location With Hull Model Updated Automatically
Maxsurf Dynamic Trimming CSV 05
Maxsurf Dynamic Trimming can be a HUGE Time Saver on Hull Modeling Compared to General Purpose 3D Modeling Systems such as Rhino3D

A more in-depth overview of Dynamic Surface Trimming can be viewed online with  this link for Dynamic Trimming Overview.

Use MAXSURF to Design Floating Drydocks
20,000 TON Floating Drydock
Design Floating Drydocks using MAXSURF Naval Architecture Software
504′ x 120′ Floating Drydock (20,000 Ton Capacity)

Other Capabilities of MAXSURF Modeler

MAXSURF provides many tools created specifically for designing hulls using a logical graphical interface in order to create and modify hull designs quickly.  Below, we list several examples, each of which provide a link to a brief online web demo:

Surface Fairing

Creating NURBS Surface Hull Model from Table of Offsets

Bonding Hull Surface Edges

Working with Background Drawing Hardcopy Images

Bringing Surfaces from Maxsurf to ShipConstructor

Using MAXSURF to Design Hulls with Developable Surfaces


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