MAXSURF Overview and Training Webinars

by Randy Brown, Naval Architect

MAXSURF Complete Overview and Demo in 15 minutes

Using MAXSURF with GHS Geometry Files Video 1 of 3

Using MAXSURF Stability with GHS Geometry Files Video 2 of 3

MAXSURF Stability In-Depth Demo

MAXSURF Parametric Transformation & Resistance of Ship

MAXSURF Motions for Vessel Seakeeping Analysis

MAXSURF Structure Demo of a Trawler Hull

by Mr. Phil Christensen, VP Offshore & Marine, Bentley Systems  

The original audience for these webinar presentations were college students as part of the Bentley BeCareers Program.  They serve as an excellent source to get a detailed background on MAXSURF users and an overview of the powerful capabilities of MAXSURF in the fields of Naval Architecture, Shipbuilding, and Yacht Design.

Introduction to MAXSURF

MAXSURF in Action

MAXSURF System Overview


MAXSURF Stability

MAXSURF Resistance & Power


MAXSURF Structure & Multiframe

University and Academic Use of MAXSURF

Maxsurf Alternative to Aveva Maestro Paramarine Rhino Orca

Technical Seminars

by Mr. Phil Christensen, VP Offshore & Marine, Bentley Systems:

(some of the videos use an older version of the software with the original module names such as Hydromax, Hullspeed, Seakeeper, etc)


Modeling Hull for Stability Analysis (Modeling for Hydromax)

Planning a Surface Layout

Creating Surfaces from Curves

Surface Fairing

Surface Trimming

Bonding Surface Edges

Surface Skinning for V16

MAXSURF Arc Curves

Creating a Tri-Mesh Surface from Existing Design

Working with Background Images

Creating NURBS Surfaces from Table of Offsets (formerly called Prefit)

Surfaces from MAXSURF to Ship Constructor

Structure Parts from MAXSURF to Ship Constructor

Aveva Paramarine Shipconstructor Maxsurf
Maxsurf Structure Module

Hydrostatics and Stability Analysis:

Checking Your MAXSURF Model for Stability Analysis

Upright Hydrostatics

Stability Concepts and Specified Condition

KN Analysis (Cross Curves of Stability)

Equilibrium Analysis

Tanks and Compartments

Tanks and Sounding Pipes

Modeling Complex Tanks

Tank Calibrations

Tanks and Sounding Pipes

Floodable Length

Damage Stability Effects V1

Damage Stability Setup V2

Batch Analysis

Stability Reporting

Large Angle Stability

Load Cases

Limiting KG

 Stability Criteria

Damage Criteria

Probabilistic Damage Stability Intro

Probabilistic Damage Stability V2

Probabilistic Damage Stability V3

Probabilistic Damage Stability V4

Probabilistic Damage Stability V5

Stability Background Images

MARPOL Oil Outflow Analysis

Maxsurf Alternative to GHS
Stability Analysis of Tanker Using Built-In Criteria Rules


Introduction to Resistance and Powering with MAXSURF

Resistance and Powering Prediction

Resistance and Powering Analysis

Resistance and Powering Slender Body Method

Resistance and Powering Wave Making and Wake Generation

Motions using Seakeeper Introduction V1

Motions using Seakeeper Setup V2

Motions using Seakeeper V3

Motions using Seakeeper V4

Motions using Seakeeper V5

Waves and Grounding

Motions using Seakeeper Viewing Results

Sailboat VPP

Maxsurf Training Alternative to GHS
Maxsurf Resistance & Power Prediction for Patrol Boat
Maxsurf Training Alternative to GHS or Orca3D
Maxsurf Motions Analysis of Crew Supply Vessel – Motions Sickness Index Plot


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