Remote learning for femap and nx nastran

We can offer you customized one on one remote learning services for FEMAP and NX NASTRAN. Just let us know what you would like us to cover and focus on. Here are just a few suggested topics:
Quickly build models from scratch, working with points, lines, surfaces, and solids
Meshing, applying loads, constraints, and boundary conditions
Choosing the best Elements
Postprocessing results, contour plots, generating reports
Analysis types: Linear static, Nonlinear, Normal Modes, Buckling, Dynamics
Importing and Exporting Geometry Files
Modeling and Analyzing Your Structures
Charleston Marine Consulting uses FEMAP and NX NASTRAN to perform FEA

The Value Proposition

If you or someone on your staff is new to FEMAP and NX NASTRAN or there is a need to get up to speed quickly by getting customized training and advice on specific topics for your situation – then we can help you.

You would be surprised how easy and cost effective this service can be. Leverage what we know and put it to use to improve your productivity with the most powerful FEA software suite in the industry.

It’s simple… You only pay for the amount of our time you use, by the hour.

We are offering this service to anyone located in the United States or Canada.

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FEMAP and NX NASTRAN Remote Learning

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